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The team from Lions was amazing! They were professional and responsive from beginning to end. I was a bit in a panic when I called, but the team came out the same day and repaired our leak quickly!
Christy H.


The Importance of Commercial Leak Detection over Christmas

Why Commercial Leak Detection Is Important During the Holiday Season

Even the smallest leaks can create large problems for business proprietors. Owners will pay more for utilities and may have to spend much more than that to remediate property damage. To make sure no water leaks interrupt your business operations during the busiest time of the year, it is essential that you schedule commercial leak detection. This prudent step will help you avoid business interruptions, prevent property damage, save on utility bills, avoid additional plumbing problems, and ensure a safe environment for workers and customers.

You Can Avoid Business Interruptions

A major reason for needing leak detection service is to avoid interruptions to your normal operation. Undetected leaks can cause flooding that will require you to close up shop. If the flooding is bad enough, you may not be able to resume operations for several days, and this will cause you to lose a lot of money.

Prevent Property Damage

While a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet is easy to spot, invisible leaks are not. Invisible leaks are those that occur in ceilings, behind the walls, beneath the floor, or inside the building’s foundation. If invisible leaks are allowed to persist, structural damage will result. Your building’s foundation can become eroded, and the walls can rot. Ceilings can fall, and black mold can develop. If the damage is bad enough, your building will be condemned, and this can cause you to lose your business entirely.

Save on Utility Bills

Water leaks can cause your utility bills to rise significantly. Depending on the leak, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for wasted water. Having leak detection can ensure all leaks are found and fixed so you can save your money and invest it in other areas of your business.

Avoid Additional Plumbing Problems

Water leaks can lead to additional plumbing problems. When water is leaking, it is possible that it is pooling around your pipes. Pooling water can cause problems such as rust and corrosion. To prevent water leaks from causing more extensive plumbing issues, they must be spotted and fixed, and sometimes, leak detection is the only way this is possible.

Ensure a Safe Environment for Workers and Customers

Leaking water is a safety hazard. Floors can become wet, putting your customers and workers at risk for slipping. Humidity can build up in the air, leading to mold growth. Leak detection will ensure that all leaks are found before they have a chance to cause hazards for your employees and clients, thus ensuring the environment remains safe.

If your company is in Florida, contact Lions Leak Detection today to make sure no leaks are threatening to ruin the business you worked so hard to build. The last thing you want is an interruption during the busiest time of the year; it could hurt your profits tremendously.

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