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The team from Lions was amazing! They were professional and responsive from beginning to end. I was a bit in a panic when I called, but the team came out the same day and repaired our leak quickly!
Christy H.

Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection

Lion’s Leak Detection of Miami are experts at detecting leaks and helping our customers find solutions for all of their plumbing-related problems. Sewer problems are a major issue for many people. Because your sewer is below ground, troubleshooting can be difficult and frustrating.

However, there is nothing to fear! We are armed with many solutions, one of which is drain and sewer camera inspections. It is difficult to see through a sewer with our eyes alone, and by using this camera inspection, we can go through the sewer and determine what the problem is – regardless of whether the sewer is under cement, concrete slabs, or even your home!

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How Does A Drain And Sewer Camera Work?

To begin, the camera is waterproof and can withstand the various types of grime found in a sewer, such as filthy water, dirt build-up, and everything else that goes down the drain.

Our skilled technicians will guide a rod equipped with a video camera down your Miami sewer lines. As the camera maneuvers through the lines while inspecting the pipe walls, these will become our new “eyes.” While the camera is exploring the sewer line, it sends the video to our team so we can see what is going on in your sewer and strategize on how to best solve the problems we are encountering.

What Kind Of Problems Can A Drain And Sewer Camera Solve?

A sewer camera can be used for a wide range of purposes that can help homeowners find solutions to their Miami plumbing problems.

With a drain and sewer camera, we can:

What Are The Benefits Of Video Camera Inspection?

There are numerous advantages to using a drain and sewer camera, which isn’t just for detecting leaks. These cameras can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
As your Miami leak detection experts, we guarantee to assist you in resolving any leaks quickly and affordablyr. Call us today at (866) 983-1258 to learn more about how we can help you!
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