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The team from Lions was amazing! They were professional and responsive from beginning to end. I was a bit in a panic when I called, but the team came out the same day and repaired our leak quickly!
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3 Surprising Ways Leak Detection Saves You Money

When you think of water leaks, you probably think about a leaking faucet or maybe a pinhole that appeared inside your sink. The odds are good that you didn’t consider those you can’t see. Florida has many homes that connect to city sewer and water systems. You might lose hundreds of gallons of water every month because of a tiny hole in one of the underground pipes. Learn how leak detection services from Leak1 Miami can save you money.

The biggest sign that you have a hidden leak on your hands is when your water bill unexpectedly rises. You should also check for moisture damage, especially near your toilet and shower. The excess water can rot your floors and create soft spots where the floor feels springy to the touch. Don’t forget to check for bad odors that indicate the presence of standing water.

1. No More Wasted Water

One of the dangers of leaks around your Florida home is that even the smallest of problems can cost you a lot of money. Your water company bills you for each gallon you use during your pay period. When water escapes from a leak, you pay for it. The costs add up, especially over a few months. Leak detection identifies its location and helps you fix it quickly to stop wasting water.

2. Save on Repairs

The sooner you find and fix a leak, the less it will cost you. Do you have a leak under your shower and figure you have plenty of time to take care of it? By the time you hire someone to find and fix the leak, you may need a brand-new bathroom floor and shower pan. Not only will you need to make repairs to the pipes, but you may also need to restore any structural water damage you find. With expert leak detection, you can save on some of those repairs.

3. Less Time Away from Home

Hidden leak detection looks for problems that you can’t always see or find such as those underground. Repairs to your water main or sewer line often require the experts to shut off the whole water supply to your home for days or even weeks. That may mean that you can’t cook at home or might even need to stay in a hotel. Leak detection helps you find the source quicker and make the repairs faster to help you get back to the comfort of your home.

Take care of any visible or hidden leaks around your home and start saving money right away. Call Lions Leak Detction today to schedule leak detection for your Florida home.

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